Providing critical solutions to the construction industry since 1992


Given the complexity of the construction industry there are bound to be disputes during the performance of the contract. The areas of expertise that NITRO brings to its clients are in the areas of:

  • Construction means, methods, custom and practice
  • Reasonable value of the work
  • CPM schedule and delay analysis
  • Labor and equipment inefficiency analysis
  • Computation of damages including extra work, overhead, liquidated damages, actual damages, industry standards for productivity impact and total cost

There certainly are unique instances requiring the use of experts. NITRO has likely addressed many of these during its assignments.
Our consultants have been qualified to testify in courts and arbitrations that have included:

  • US Federal Court of Claims
  • US District Court of California
  • US District Court of Wyoming
  • California Superior Court
  • Montana District Court
  • American Arbitration Association
  • California Office of Admin Hearings
  • Arizona Office of Admin Hearings
  • Judicial Arbitration & Mediation (JAMS)