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NITRO Associates will tailor a training program related to schedule techniques and how to develop them to meet your contract requirements, as well as your company's executives, managers & superintendents. We tailor the training program to the skill level and needs of our prospective trainees so that they depart the training program with the knowledge of how to develop a CPM schedule, its terminology and implementation. The attendees will learn how to determine the critical path, understand the meaning of total float (negative and positive), include resources/costs for activities and how to approach the different logic relationship types. CPM schedules have also evolved in the legal system as a requirement to determining the cause and effect of changes or impacts. The scheduler must understand the importance of the baseline schedule and each schedule update that is prepared. NITRO will include in the training program best practices for developing a baseline schedule, updating the progress schedule and how to incorporate changes and impacts into updated schedules to create an accurate as-built schedule